Aquatic Therapy Program

Our Aquatic Therapy Program offers an alternative form of rehabilitation and can be used in conjunction with other traditional outpatient therapies. The pool is an environment uniquely suited to facilitate the healing of neurological and musculoskeletal problems. In the buoyancy of water, people can exercise comfortably and become stronger while gaining mobility in their body and limbs. Aquatic therapy exercises are designed specifically to improve flexibility, balance, cardiovascular function, and strength.

Who is the program right for?

Aquatic therapy is prescribed for individuals with a variety of orthopedic conditions, disabilities, and therapeutic exercise needs, including:
  1. Arthritis
  2. Sport injury
  3. Overuse or repetitive motion injury
  4. Orthopedic surgery
  5. Back pain
  6. Hip, knee, and ankle pain
  7. Shoulder pain
  8. Neurological disorders, including stroke,
  9. Multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson's disease
  10. Bariatric care
Careful screening and program development by a physical therapist assures safe participation. Though aquatic therapy is not recommended for certain medical conditions, the vast majority of people can participate. Swimming experience is not necessary.

What are the benefits?
  • Improved functional mobility: strength,flexibility, balance, and endurance
  • Desensitization following nerve injury or trauma
  • Sensory re-education after nerve injury
  • Design and implementation of exercise programs to increase motion, dexterity and/or strength
  • Splint fabrication for prevention or correction of injury
  • Training in the performance of daily life skills through adapted methods and equipment
  • Conditioning prior to returning the work.
How do I get started?

Ask your therapist or doctor about the Aquatic Therapy Program to see if it's right for you. A physician's referral and an initial physical therapy evaluation are required before beginning this program.